Meet the Board

LNPF is a joint labor-management trust governed by a Board of Trustees for the exclusive benefit of the covered workers and their families.

The LNPF Administrator, Michelle Miller, and her staff handle day-to-day operations, including processing of pension applications, payment of monthly benefits, receipt and crediting of employer contributions, maintenance of records, distribution of plan documents and other information, and handling requests. LNPF is regulated under various Federal laws, including Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Internal Revenue Code, and the Taft-Hartley Act. It is a collectively bargained, multi-employer pension plan, and is tax qualified. The Board of Trustees and the Administrator are assisted in their performance of their duties by appropriate professional service providers – including investment managers and advisors, attorneys, an actuarial consultant, an account-auditor, and an asset custodian.

Union Trustees
Brent Booker
Stephen E. Farner
David A. Frye
Ernesto J. Ordonez
Management Trustees
Scott E. Summers
Robert Bell
Bobby Poteete
Matthew J. Westphal


Painting of Workers

The Laborers National Pension Fund (LNPF) was established on May 16, 1968 by agreement between the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the Mainline Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA) to provide pension benefits upon retirement for pipeline workers represented by LIUNA and employed by employer-members of the PLCA in the South and Southwestern regions. Since then, LNPF has grown to cover LIUNA-represented workers in the pipeline, building and construction industries in over 20 states.

Map of Participating Locals
"LNPF has grown to cover LIUNA-represented workers in the pipeline, building and construction industries in over 20 states."

Our Highlights

As a Participant in the Laborers National Pension Fund, your entitlement to a pension or other benefits, if any, is governed by the Rules and Regulations adopted and interpreted by the Pension Fund’s Board of Trustees. The Rules and Regulations are also known as the “Plan Description.” The Rules and Regulations are listed in the link below, which has been provided to you and all other Participants.
Defined Benefit Pension Plan

The normal form of pension upon retirement is a monthly benefit for the pensioner’s lifetime and thereafter for the lifetime of his or her surviving spouse. Pensioners cannot outlive their benefits.

Funded by Collectively-Bargained Employer Contributions

Is funded by collectively-bargained employer contributions. Employees do not contribute to the Pension Fund.

Pooled Trust Fund

All assets are invested together by professional investment managers. All benefits are paid from the pool of assets. Participants do not have individual accounts to invest or that limit the amount of their pensions.

Multiemployer Pension Fund

LNPF is a multiemployer pension fund to which hundreds of employers contribute for laborers they employ under Collective Bargaining Agreements with LIUNA and its affiliated Local Unions and District Councils. Participants earn credit towards a pension from the Pension Fund by covered work for any of these contributing employers. Generally, they keep their earned pension credits when they move from one employer to another.

Provides Multiple Benefit Levels for Multiple Contribution Rates

A participant’s pension level is based in part on the rates at which contributions were made to the Pension Fund for him or her.

Vests Participants

Participants are vested in their earned pension credits after five years of credited employment with contributing employers.

Exempt from Taxation

The Pension Fund is a tax-qualified employee pension plan under the Internal Revenue Service. Employer contributions are tax-deductible. The Pension Fund is exempt from taxation. Participants are not subject to taxation until they begin to receive benefits.

Offers Various Forms of Pension

Offers various forms of pension, including Regular Pension, Service Pension, Early Retirement Pension, Disability Pension, Vested Pension, and Reciprocal Pension. Married pensioners receive their pensions in the form of a Husband and Wife Pension (joint and survivor pension), unless another form of pension is properly elected. Various optional forms of pension are also offered.

Earning Pension Credits
There are two types of Pension Credits: Future Service Credits and Past Service Credits. Total Pension Credits are determined by adding Past and Future credits. Through December 31, 1985, benefits were paid on twenty-five (25) years. After January 1, 1986, there is no year limitation.
Past Service Credits

Past Service Credits are earned while working prior to the local’s first Collective Bargaining Agreement requiring Pension Fund contributions.

Future Service Credits

Total Pension Credits are determined by adding Past and Future credits. Through December 31, 1985, benefits were paid on twenty five (25) years. After January 1, 1986, no year limitation.

Prior to 12/31/1991 – 10 years of combined credit; and, after 12/31/1991, 5 years Future Service Credit if not under a permanent break in service on that date.
Types of Pension/Death Benefits Provided
An array of pensions to meet your needs are listed below. All pensions are paid in the form of a Husband & Wife benefit, unless spouse signs the rejection form. Death Benefits are also available. The types of benefits available are dependent on whether the participant is considered Active or Inactive. Please contact the Fund Office to determine your status.
Regular Pension
Early Retirement Pension
Disability Pension
Widow/Widower's Pension
Service Pension
Vested Pension
Reciprocal Pension
NRA (Normal Retirement Age) Pension
Filing For Pension Benefits
Pension and other benefits are not automatically paid by the Fund. Participants must submit an application to the Fund Office, which must be processed and approved before payment can be made. If you have become disabled, contact the Fund office immediately determine eligibility. A Reciprocal Pension required the Union Number of Locals/Funds where you may have earned credit. Please file 3-6 months prior to your intended retirement date. Applications are available at Local Union or Fund, and requires accompanying documentation of the following items:
Proof of Age for you and Spouse
Proof of Marriage or Proof of Common Law
Spouse’s Death Certificate (if applicable)
Decree and/or Qualified Domestic Relations Order (if divorced)
Currently Receiving Pension Benefits?
If you are receiving pension benefits, always call or write the fund office if:
You move, giving new address, signing your own name to note
You become ill and unable to sign checks
Your spouse dies or you divorce, sending proper proof.
After the 20th day of any month if check is not received
You return to work

Still have Questions?

Your best answers regarding retirement comes from the Fund Office in Dallas. The Local Union will not have all the information you need. The final say in pension matters comes through the Pension Fund office. If you have a question that's not covered here, check out the plan documents on our Documents and Resources page. For any other concerns, please contact Michelle Miller, the Fund Administrator at the Administrative Office.