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Welcome to the Laborers National Pension Fund (LNPF). For more than 45 years we have provided retirement income security for workers represented by the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and affiliated Local Unions and District Councils, primarily in the pipeline, building and construction industries.

Over the years, LNPF has grown from 274 pensioners in 1970 to over 20,000 pensioners and beneficiaries. LNPF has expanded benefits to include occupational disability, 30-year service pension and unparalleled benefits in all types of pensions paid. Benefits and administrative expenses are funded through collectively bargained employer contributions and investments.

The Laborers National Pension Fund

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We, Laborers National Pension Fund, are in the process of converting to a new software platform. Therefore, our EZ-Remit application will not be available for submitting reports after December 31, 2017. It is our goal to have the new internet-based application available to all contractors in March of 2018.

We will reach out each of you who remit electronically and provide you with the new I-Remit instructions as we move into the new year. We thank you for your patients during this transition.

For the remainder of December 2017, Click here to continue to process your remittance reports.

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